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Welcome to PacFoods.com

Are you looking for a distributor who carries a wide selection of wholesale food products?  How about non-foods, such as cups, gloves, and food service wrap? You've come to the right place.

Pacific Food Distributors is a Master Food Service Distribution Company. We're commonly referred to as a Re-D, because we distribute to other distributors. Our goal is to be one-stop shopping for all of your foodservice distributing needs!

We currently distribute to meat markets, supermarkets, and food distributors in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, and Alaska.

PFD News

   We will be closed on Thursday, November 27th for Thanksgiving. Please see our Holiday Delivery Schedule for possible changes to your delivery days.

We have a variety of sizes of frozen turkeys in stock.
Both hens & toms! All turkeys are
basted/netted/timed from Norbest.
Please contact your sales person to confirm size availability and
check out our flyer for frozen turkey pricing.

frozen turkeys


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